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Overcoming The Effects Of Emotional Child Abuse

Emotional child abuse is part of our soul’s path leading us to a higher calling. When we are born, we do not just come into this world with a completely blank slate; we are hard-wired to interact with our environment in a few very specific ways. The most important of these ways is what we call ‘The Primal Scene.’ Emotional child abuse happens first here. The Primal Scene is a caretaking nurturing face mirroring a needful dependent face.  We are born as the needful dependent face, seeking feedback from our source caregiver. When we are in need, we cry, and our source caregiver responds to satisfy us.  When we are afraid, cold, hungry, in need of changing, our source caregiver responds. It is through this primal scene that our spiritual makeup forms and expands us.  This primal scene activity over our development years grows us in two directions.  First, it establishes our ties to our environment, and gives us the self-expression skills to ask from others in our world to help us to become that which we wish to become and accomplish.

It helps us to confidently reach out to others and to factors in our world to help us become that which we wish to become. Graduation from high school, getting a driver’s license, joining the military, marrying, buying a home, and parenting a family are such examples. The complete list is limitless! Emotional child abuse, in any form stifles this growth process.  Second, it grows our connection to our deepest inner feelings, not just to what we are feeling right now, such as being hungry or wanting to go to a movie, but to deeper things, such as what we feel spiritually, what interests we have, what lifelong goals we want to achieve.  All of us have an individuality, with our dreams, fascinations, passions, interests, potentials, talents all packaged up inside of us.  No two of us are alike.  We are all as different as our fingerprints! Emotional child abuse stifles our connection to our inner self as well.

The Emotional Child Abuse connection explained

Now this is the important point; the two aspects are connected.  The more complete your nurturing caregiver served you as a child, the more completely you will be connected to your higher order inner self and all your uniqueness, talents and the gold mine within you. That is basic common sense, right? Nothing earth shattering in that.  Actually, it is earth shattering and important, both to me and to you.  We all know almost none of us had a completely nurturing caretaking face as our source mirroring back to us all our needs.  Emotional child abuse is experienced by almost everyone to some degree, most of us to a major degree. Many childhoods were far less than completely nurturing, with much indifference, abuse and hatred mirrored back to us when we needed love, comfort and understanding. 

The Road Home Restored From Emotional Child Abuse

So how does that help overcome emotional child abuse today, if we had a horrible childhood and are leading a train-wrecked life now? The miracle of this is we can go back, restore our primal scene dynamics with new source caregivers in our adult world now, and they can nurture us, just like our parents should have.  When these relationships deepen, we will begin to feel things we never connected with since childhood.  You can have as an adult what you may never had as a child.  Step by step, the life never realized as a child can be realized as an adult.  And here we will lay out in the greatest detail just how to do all of that.

Victims of emotional child abuse have mostly friends which are poisoners and are predatory, not suitable for caregivers.  That is a symptom from a symptom.  We attract to us what we feel about ourselves.  We will show you why you attract poisoners into your life, and how to reverse that and attract nurturing caregivers as loved ones instead.  The energy for that comes from your low self-esteem.  We are going to show you the steps to change all that, right here!

You may feel like you are in a deep canyon, with us.  But the miracle is we know the path! We know the way out.

  2. Overcoming Emotional Child Abuse

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