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Depression Anxiety Treatment Using Your Imagination To Begin The healing

Depression Anxiety Treatment For Emotional Starvation

Depression anxiety treatment can have many remedies for the same symptoms of depression and anxiety, because there can be many causes for either one. The causes can range from medical need, lifestyle deficiencies, and deficiencies in our living environment among others.  The depression anxiety treatment we will talk about here is by far the most prominently needed because it deals with the unmet, undiagnosed, invisible emotional need for love.  Is the source of your depression or anxiety because of unmet emotional needs from your childhood? 

Depression Anxiety Treatment Changing Our Flawed Template

When we were growing up, we needed many things across a vast spectrum; physical, nutritional, mental, social, emotional and spiritual. When we did not receive enough attention to complete us emotionally, that created a flawed template in our minds as to how we see and interact with the world.  If we do not correct it, that will dictate our relationships for the rest of our lives.  Our negative experience with our caregiver set in stone in our template as to how we interact with all other persons in relationships permanently.  We see no source for love, understanding, or nurturement as possible in our lives because there was none in childhood or early life, so we incorrectly believe none must exist.  We may even see God our caregiver as being hostile to us as well. That leaves us believing a heartbreaking lie about ourselves also, and that is we probably did not deserve love and emotional comfort in the first place. This is where we are going to use our imagination to create a key, so we can alter our flawed template. This new template will enable us to find restoring relationships and rebuild our starved emotional life.  Right now, we are picturing our depraved childhood or teen years and the damaging relationships from caregivers as the only future we can have.

Depression Anxiety Treatment Let A Loving Being Tell You About You

Find a place and a time where you are comfortable and can meditate on a restoring primal scene.  Remember we talked elsewhere about the primal scene, which is a loving, nurturing, caregiving face mirroring our needful face, so that we feel validated in all that we share to our source figure. Close out your daily life cares and go into your timeless place, where all that is there is love. In this state of serenity, envision the loving parent that you always needed, and this loving parent rejoices when you approach them, and they give you undivided attention for everything you need.  They listen compassionately to everything you share. Your cares are their cares, everything you see, feel, think, choose, dream and create they want to know and encourage you in doing. You matter supremely to them.  Moreover, they are so proud of you and they want you to be the unique, special you that is like no other.  Focus on this, dwell on this, until it feels natural and until it tells you that this caregiving person is mirroring back your true value as God’s unique creation!

Depression Anxiety Treatment How Our Imagination Creates Reality In Our Relationships

You may have doubts and ask, ‘If this is all imaginary and not real, how is this going to help me to heal?  I need real love from a real person in my real life not a pretend imaginary thing.’  Do not let Satan deceive you; your tool of imagination you used much as a child to connect with all your dreams and talents.  Life’s disappointments crushed your using your imagination and you gave up on your dreams and talents. This same powerful tool you will use now to reveal what the loving nurturing people look like that are all around you in your life today!  But you cannot see them if you do not know what they look like. With enough practice, you will start to feel validated as a person, just from the nurturing interaction from your loving caregiver, which personifies God.  You will start to feel loved and loveable.  When that happens, that will give you a clear vision of discernment.  Then you will be able to see clearly loving nurturers in your world around you, and you will be able to see just as clearly poisoning parasitic predators and manipulators as well.  Your eyes will be opened. Over time you will be drawn to interact more with the God sent nurturers and gradually you will move out of the life interactions with the poisoners. Your world will move more from having to mistrust the poisoners and grow to love and trust the nurturers.  Over time, your imaginary loving caregivers that started in your mind, will become real life loving nurturers and deeply loved ones in your work, community, and in your home, and lastly in your heart.   

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