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Our Purpose And Mission

It is with great honor that we present this work to you here. This work has been decades in the research.  It began in my childhood growing up in an emotionally barren family.  We were involved in the Christian religion off and on throughout our growing years.  Even after emancipation into adult hood, and moving to Indianapolis, Indiana from Merritt Island, Florida there was an off and on presence of Christianity in my life.  What I had for emotional need was massive, and I continuously turned to the church seeking answers.  Decades of church attendance and religious search for comfort brought nothing but more pain, confusion and guilt.  After much experience with many churches across the protestant Christian spectrum I came to realize the monumental void that exists between the emotionally needful searcher and the Christian Gospel message that is preached and endorsed.

For many of us, we desperately need psychologically sound understanding, and deep emotional nurturement for our souls.  Religious indoctrination, biblical history, and Christian admonition to become saved miss the mark completely. In fact, at that point, religious conversion is without doubt the last thing we need! When we seek psychological understanding for our deep emotional need, we can become even more guilt ridden when the Christian answers they assert, do not fit our questions.  It then becomes our fault we are in such emotional pain!  They paint all need as sin, and repentance is the only and simple answer.  The truth is not all pain is caused by sin, and for the searcher looking for their answers, repentance will not help. It is not a sin to be a victim of abuse, neglect from those over you. 

This website’s purpose is to bridge the gap between organized Christianity’s message and what we emotionally needful searchers seek. We are not looking for a Christian religious answer, we are looking for psychological understanding first, and then emotional deep nurturement second. That is what we want to provide for you, the searcher here. For someone abused by parents, others, or life in general, being told we are a sinner is being told we are a mistake.  We already know that!  Church proclaims putting others first will fix everything.  If you are not emotionally complete, putting anyone else first before yourself is toxic poisoning!   

Have You Experienced Any Of This From Organized Christianity?

What I realized is almost all ministers, missionaries, church staff are indoctrinated in false beliefs about Christianity. 

Unspoken rules are, but not limited to; Christ is the answer to everything, if you surrender your life to Christ, he will heal you and turn your life into one harmonious picture. Believing upon Christ as the substitute for all your sin is all you need. No other need exists outside of that. Reading the Bible, and only the Bible will provide all the spiritual food you need. Immersing yourself into a church and the congregation will grow your spirit into maturity. Abstain from all appearance of sin, even when what you are doing is good, because some fellow believer may judge you and make points with God and the others in your congregation, by accusing you.  It does not matter that you befriended a lonely child or a needful woman and comforted them in all purity. Political correctness is the highest form of Godliness. Like mindedness is Christ mindedness.  We must all agree and be alike. Being average is being normal.  Being quiet is being Godly. Those with the most credentials, degrees, associations, professional achievements, and high spiritual personas are closer to God, those of lower stature are not as close to God. The Higher Ones must think for the lesser ones and convince them of how to see all things. We teach peace, unconditional love and acceptance, but you must meet the conditions for the unconditional love and acceptance. Putting others first will fix everything. Lastly, everyone is created equal, but some of us are created more equal than others.This is just a beginning of the picture of what I found was Sick Religion. If you have experienced any of this insanity, you are not alone. What you have seen is true.

What we want to introduce to you is the importance of your view of things.  Your view matters! You will find a lot of support for your four spiritual energies here, they are; Seeing things through your own eyes, feeling your own feelings, thinking your own thoughts, and making your own choices.   Do you see an emphasis starting here? We want to shift the emphasis from the Search to focus on The Searcher.

Put simply, we want to present Christ’s message, but your need for psychological support comes first, then your emotional nurturement needs come second, and then lastly Christ’s message. That is the order of things here. 

Jesus said, “If you love me, feed my sheep.”

  2. Our Purpose And Mission