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Understanding And Conquering Mental Depression Caused By Emotional Need

Mental Depression The Two Templates

Mental depression can come from more than one cause. The mental depression we will talk about here arises from unmet emotional need. First, we are going to talk about the proper template we should have experienced in our childhood.  The reason we will do that is to see what development should have happened but did not in our own lives.  Then we will look at our own deficient template so we can see the differences between the two, which is the cause of our mental depression.  Lastly, we will look at a corrective spiritual measure we can take to help restore ourselves to fullness like God intended in the first place.

Mental Depression Missing In The Proper Template

Proper parenting reflects our seven spiritual activities back to us.  Our parent’s recognition of us as we do these things encourages us to look inwardly even more and strengthens our ‘self to self’ connection. When caregivers are enthusiastic about us being us, that encourages us to be enthusiastic about ourselves.  Enthusiasm comes from the Greek ‘En Theos,’ translated means ‘God within’.  The Greeks knew that God was enthusiasm.  Our parent’s enthusiasm tells us much; we matter, we are welcome, our presence in life adds to life, we are a blessing, and lastly our personal gift is a blessing to the world.   The world welcomes our gift. Their nurturement encourages our spiritual connection of ‘self to inner self’ even more. With that foundation, we would have been empowered enough to face the world and find our place in it.

Mental Depression Present In Our Incomplete Template

When we are ignored, ridiculed, and even hated, as I was, then that tells us much about ourselves and our lack of place in the world.  Emotional starvation from parents, lack of a permanent family, and many other negative settings can give us very damaging messages about ourselves. All of them wrong. Where the problems begin is in childhood, when we go through a bad experience especially one involving an unmet emotional need from caregivers, we not only experience the bad event, we extrapolate that we were the cause, or that we deserved the event or condition we experienced.  The greatest damage done to us is our response to quit seeing, feeling, thinking, choosing, imagining, trusting, and lastly creating. We no longer looked at the world through those seven perspectives.

Mental Depression The Two Children Example

A two children example would be; one goes through abuse and emotional starvation, the other experiences full nurturement.  The abused and emotionally starved child will see that he caused it or deserved it.  The same for the emotionally well nurtured child.  Is the emotionally deprived child less deserving than the blessed child?  No, they are equally precious, gifted and valuable to humankind in every way.  Each child deserved to have the same emotionally rich childhood as the blessed one did.  And that is how you should see yourself!  You should see yourself as a most precious gift from God to humankind, and next we will show you how to begin seeing yourself that way again!     

Mental Depression Caused By Satan The Accuser

Regarding our spiritual and emotional restoration of ourselves, we will naturally look within at different parts of us.  When we look at anything defining ourselves one rule is universally true, and that is, ‘If it is good it is true, and if it is bad, it is false.’  Our believing that some aspects of who we are may be bad is from believing anything that ‘Satan the Accuser’ has put into our past life and into our minds.  If experiencing parental neglect and emotional starvation told our childhood selves that we deserved bad, then it will be through experiencing parental love, care and nurturement that we will learn we are worthy to receive good.  Our true spiritual value is as God’s gift to the world, which we are.

Overcoming Mental Depression Begins By Seeing Ourselves Differently

So how is this going to happen? We cannot go back and make those who shamed us and ridiculed us when we looked to them for approval begin to love us in the manner in which we need it. We cannot rewrite our childhoods, but we can write scenarios that will help us to see ourselves as the blessed child did, and not as the depraved, emotionally starved child did, in the example above.  Above we said that one of our responses to our pain was to quit using our spiritual activities of see, feel, think, choose, imagine, trust, create.  We are going to reclaim and use one of those exact spiritual activities and energies to make some restoration in our life.

Mental Depression And Using Our Imagination

The spiritual activity we will start using is our imagination. We are going to create a scenario to help us find our lost own kind who will give us the nurturement we need. Properly nurtured children pretend and imagine all the time when young.  That mental activity is natural and healthy.  It connects us to our higher order inner self, which knows our talents and our intended life path.  Hopelessness kills our imagination’s use. Begin this exercise: Imagine and visualize being fully loveable, beautiful, and capable.  Feel yourself as being very important in God’s overall scheme of things.  Feel Life and Humankind welcoming you home, with a place, a household, employment and a family setting that will never let you leave, and where you will always be celebrated.  Practice this visualization until you can make it seem as real as possible. Picture others around you and visualize how they will treat you with reverence and attention whenever you need it. Focus on them responding with encouragement when you share the deepest sides of yourself.  Focus on them caring that you are happy, and on them being sad when you are sad over something.

Conquering Mental Depression By accepting God's View Of You

What you are seeing in this visualization is God’s view of you through humanity.  This scenario is a tool to rebuild your emotionally destroyed life just like a mechanic uses tools to repair and automobile. It will begin working when you realize there are others out there around you who are exactly like those in your visualizations.  As you visualize sharing yourself with others and being loved and made to feel important by them, you will get a pattern of a nurturing person with whom you can trust and become close spiritually.  Over time you will start to recognize them when they come into your daily life for real.  You will learn to discern safe nurturers from poisoning predators.  Your openness when you first interact with them will encourage them to open up to you and take you into their emotional lives. That is how a child’s imagination works. It imagines something fitting to it, then when that pattern emerges into its life path, it recognizes it and responds to it.  Imagination is not hiding from life in a state of denial, it is very much a tool to create our life.  A saying in psychotherapy is, ‘Our friends see us as we see ourselves.’  Start seeing yourself as God's celebrated gift to humankind, and others with that same view of you will begin to come into your world.


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