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Mental Depression's Emotional Causes

  Mental depression can be overcome if we start with the guilt first. In What Is Psychology we looked at how our mind is like a car in construction.  A mechanic studies the car and knows how to repair it, as do psychologists know our emotional mind and know how to repair it, restoring it to full capacity.  The point is our mind has a configuration that can be understood and improved with therapy.  Those suffering from low self-esteem, depression and anxiety, and those living in less than full richness in their lives are like a car needing a mechanic to care for it and fix it. Your mind can be fully repaired, and you can live a full and rich life expressing all the gifts God has given you. You have far more potential than you ever dreamed! Only your inner Wonder Child self and God know the depth of yourself as a person.  We are going to show you how to get through all the unresolved emotional pain from childhood and from Life’s tragedies, even into adulthood.  We will help you to get to the inner child self where all your enthusiasm lies waiting to be manifested.  Believe it or not it is still there, just as it was when you were a young baby.

 Mental Depression's Misleading Picture Of Our Self

We are going to take a deeper look inside of your emotional mind and look closely at what went wrong.  Nobody comes into this world a total loser, devoid of any redeeming qualities, not beautiful, sickening to be around, unworthy of getting any attention from anyone, and lastly, with absolutely no gifts to offer humankind, nobody. But there are a surprising number of emotionally needful people that have sure experienced feeling that way about themselves.  I once felt that low about myself when I was in my teens and twenties. That was my time wandering in the spiritual desert as recorded in the Bible for the Israelite's seeking the Promised Land.   If you have ever felt close to be that low, I understand.  Well, we are going to start changing all that for the better. Let us start with a little revelation about your inner ‘you’ part.

Mental Depression's Origin In The Dawn Of Our Childhood

When you came into being, from the earliest dawn of your consciousness, you came into this world with one particular, very powerful all-encompassing need, and that was to be rejoiced, loved, and worshiped for the unique person that you are.  Now if you had perfect loving parents, and you have lived a life with no great losses and setbacks, then you would not be reading this. This deep love that we need to have mirrored back to us comes in two forms; the first form is ‘getting our selfish nurturement needs met,’ which simply means anytime we needed attention for any reason, we had our caregivers give us that attention until we did not need it any more. That made us feel validated that we are significant, and our feelings on anything were important in life’s overall scheme of things.  Deep love’s second form is ‘getting our growth achievements applauded,’ as we grew up. That means when we reached any milestone in our growth, we received abundant rejoicing and everyone made a big deal over it, like taking our first steps, our first day at school, and many other firsts. In both forms, there had to be abundant attention until we did not need it any more. Time and Attention are the currency of all nurturement and deep love.

Mental Depression's Blocks To Healing By Guilt

So, what happens when we do not get all the time and attention that we came into this world needing to feel complete?  Over time, an accumulation of neglect and lack of attention, and even hostility from our caregivers will tell us volumes about ourselves. The first painful lie we learn is; ‘we have no redeeming quality, we do not matter, we are a bother, and we are not wanted in life.’ That is painful enough, but there is an even more painful lie we believe, extracted from the first, which is ‘we do not deserve to be happy and get our emotional needs met, we are unworthy as a person. We deserve nothing.’

Mental Depression's Guilt Broken Down By Embracing God's Purpose In Our Creation

That is when we start becoming cerebral and non-emotional.  The remedy is to start working on getting rid of the guilt first, for how God made you was with something important to bring into this world.  In your emotional depression you may not feel important to you, but you are very important to someone or something somewhere. Nobody comes into this world without having a Promised Land destination somewhere! To that someone or something, you are a celebrity, something beautiful, you are God’s gift and an answer!   Work on those thoughts and keep telling yourself you are a precious gift to others and Life somewhere.  Keep telling yourself you have a purpose, God had a purpose in making you, and you and God are going to find that purpose. Seeing yourself with a purpose will break down guilt. Think on those thoughts until you start believing it, because that is the truth God wants you to know.  

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