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Depression Anxiety Treatment What Is psychology

Depression anxiety treatment can address clinical issues which are treated with drugs for chemical imbalances.  In depth analysis by doctors and psychologists are required before such medications can be prescribed. Medical imbalances can be a cause for emotional symptoms.  More often than not there is an entirely different source for emotional symptoms requiring depression and anxiety treatment as well.  That source can be life experiences which are beyond the capability of the person to cope, without help from supportive others.  It is for this person with unmet emotional needs that this page is written.  Medical issues must be addressed with individual treatment by highly trained and specific professional help.    

Depression Anxiety Treatment For The Emotionally Needful

Depression Anxiety Treatment for unmet emotional needs from childhood trauma for example, is far different than treatment for medical deficiency causing depression and anxiety.  The symptoms are the same and can be quite severe, but treatment is far different.  Over time, imbalances in behavior can cause medical and health issues if left unchanged.  Self-neglect is a big contributor to those with emotional problems who then develop physical health problems as a secondary symptom.  Depression anxiety treatment for childhood trauma must begin with a brief overview of what exactly is psychology, since their causes are purely psychological.  For clarity, we need to differentiate psychology from nurturement, and from spirituality.  Think of psychology as the makeup of an automobile.  A mechanic studies the automobile, knows its layout and when something breaks down, the mechanic fixes the broken part, and it becomes operable again. The automobile’s layout is exactly like your brain and your mind.  Psychology is the blueprint of your mind. The study of how your mind operates is identical to the mechanic’s study of how an automobile operates.


the Role Of Nurturement In Depression Anxiety Treatment

Contrast that with nurturement, love and understanding.  Nurturement, love and understanding are the fuel, oil, coolant, and other additives that make the automobile operate and give it power. Similar is air, water, food, rest and activity for your body to operate. Those ingredients fuel your body, gasoline fuels the automobile, and nurturement fuels your emotional mind. Starvation damages your body, lack of fuel makes the automobile inoperative, and lack of emotional support damages your mind over the long term. Psychology is the study of repair of your mind like automotive mechanics is the study of how to repair an automobile.  For your mind, psychology is the repair, nurturement is the fuel.   For many of us, the reason we cannot operate is because we simply are starved for fuel.  We never overcame some trauma in childhood or never had our caregiver believe in us, so we could get excited about ourselves and believe in ourselves.  If critical caregivers believed in us, we could have taken on the whole world!  

Spirituality's Two Parts In Depression Anxiety Treatment

The last thing to touch on in contrasting these three connected subjects of psychology and nurturement is spirituality.  I would define spirituality as ‘the connectedness of our self to our self and our self to God’.  The first part, ‘self to self’ is, ‘how much do we manifest our uniqueness, our differentness, that God made us to be? You are the only ‘you’ God has, or ever will make.  How much of your unique ‘you’ are you manifesting right now? Emotional pain of any kind, for any reason, is an impediment to that full, authentic expression of ‘you.’ This entire site is constructed for the sole purpose of eliminating all obstacles to your expression of your fullest ‘you.’  The second part, the connection of ‘our self to God’ is actually a parallel of the connection of ‘our self to our self.’  The closer you are to who God made you to be is the same connection as you to God! It is the exact same!  It is not a matter of either-or,it is a matter of both-and. If you are your fullest ‘you’ that is possible, then you are the fullest in connection with God.  The highest form of obedience and submission to God, is in you being your most authentic ‘you’ after salvation in Jesus Christ.  We share elsewhere most Christian churches proclaim that ‘conformity is Godliness,’ when in fact that is one of the most poisoning proclamations popular in churches today.  Authenticity is Godliness! Putting Christ first means putting your individuality first.      

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