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Christianity Religion's True Role

Christianity Religion's Missing Message

Christianity religion as taught by mainstream organized churches emphasizes the sin state of man, and the necessary salvation in Christ for redemption.  What they do not emphasize enough is that there is a new life after salvation, and that you should pursue that life forever after in your new reborn spiritual state.  The truth is not every person has the problem of continually backsliding into sinful, life-damaging behavior. Clergy wish us to stay in the doorway, never fully going into the dance, embracing our higher order self, once we are saved. This is done for their benefit creating this nonexistent state where you will always need them to reach God. Once you are saved, you are literally reborn, and the focus shifts entirely to within you.

Most Christians once reborn, take on a new direction with their lives, gradually weeding out old life-damaging behaviors, as they mature in Christ. I have seen much incorrectly taught doctrine in the majority of Christian churches about what should be happening after salvation. According to most churches, we all have the same problem with sin as before and we all keep struggling with it.  That is not what the bible says. However, most churches teach that emphatically because it benefits their organization. Most churches are not about Christ, they are about growing their congregation.    They exploit the salvation message, while hiding the subsequent freedom in Christ state we all enjoy after salvation. That definitely benefits their church!  We talk about the false church elsewhere.

To find out where we should be going and what we should be doing after salvation we need to go to somewhere you would least expect to find that answer; That place is in your deep childhood.  You may have been restored from sin by accepting Christ as your savior, but what you should be pursuing after salvation has little to do with the church, and much to do with who God made you to be from before you were born.  The role of the church was to lead you to salvation, it is not their exclusive role to make you into the individual that God destined you to be. Their role in that area is minimal at best. No church knows the Godly unique gift that He made you to be as a gift to humankind.  It is your role to find yourself and your giftedness. Only you know your dreams, talents, fascinations, passions, interests, and your own unique value system you were born with.  What you should be doing after salvation is seeking the inner ‘you.’

For many who are deeply spiritual, gifted, with much to offer humankind, there are almost always burdens we need to get through first.  That is because Satan is most threatened by the gifted, and Satan tries hardest to destroy our spirits with horrific experiences in our past. The inner grief work of processing through our past emotional trauma is not a moral or Christian issue, it is a personal spiritual issue. In this case Christian and spiritual are far different.  Not all spiritual things are Christian, many are clinical emotional need issues. Early on Satan attacks our lives to break us before we become strong as adults.

Let us get back to the role of religion for a second; Satan has a way of convincing us to let the world tell us how to see, what to think, feel, and choose. When we experience trauma as children, we abandon our rights to those activities in our life. Organized religion is one of the greatest violators or our spiritual boundaries in those areas; see, feel, think, choose.  They proclaim that you must see things through their eyes, and not your own, and so forth with feel, think, choose etc.  The role of religion is not to tell you how to think in those areas which are sacred to you.  God put your unique identity in you, and God wishes that uniqueness to come out, be revealed in your lifetime’s contribution to humankind. 

Do not accept any religious teachings that violate your four spiritual activities in any way. The church did not create you, God did.  Everyone for some part of their adult lives wish to belong to a healthy boundary respecting church. How can you tell the difference between most churches who are corrupt, and the few pure churches? That answer lies within you and your four spiritual activities; see things through your own eyes, feel your own feelings, think your own thoughts, and make your own choices. You will know them by what you inwardly see, what you inwardly feel, what you think, and how you choose about them.  When it comes to anything life-enhancing and life-diminishing, you can always trust your gut feeling, your inner intuition, your sense of things.  Your feelings in those areas are never wrong! You will know very clearly when a church steps out of its bounds as a servant to you and your needs.  You will feel strongly when they tend to seek control over your life with emotional manipulation. You will know!


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