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Christianity Religion On Our Spiritual Makeup

Christianity Religion's Clarification On Selfishness

In our mainstream Christianity Religion, we are taught facts that supposedly apply to all of us.  Along with this we are taught a mindset of uniformity.  Likeness is Godly, and difference is ungodly. We are all familiar with the biblical assumption that what is right for one is right for all.  There is only one way and that is God’s way. A very popular belief promoted in most Christian religion churches.

We discuss drawbacks of the False Church elsewhere. What we want to do here is add a little clarification to much confusion that has brought much pain to many people.  I have been studying and writing about emotional psychology for decades, and one of the things I have seen repeatedly is a horrific misapplication of teachings, often times by very educated and credentialed church management. When you enter a Christianity religion church or another religion’s church, a needful believer, you go there seeking answers. Church management may be well suited to providing religious answers, such as church doctrine and church history, but are not well suited to providing personal answers that apply to your questions.  Moreover, there is oftentimes their assertion that their religious answers will fit your emotional and spiritual needs, and it is up to you to make those answers fit!  Nothing could be farther off the mark! 

For one thing we need to differentiate subjects: Not all needs of those who are suffering are from Christianity religion error.  Not all pain is caused by sin. We can be suffering even though we are a Christian, or a devout believer of another religion.  For the religious leader to offer you religious counsel and assert that is the answer you need, that places a burden of guilt on you when their answers do not work!  Seeking religious answers is different than seeking you own personal and emotional answers.  Your personal, emotional and spiritual answers come from an entirely different realm of Life than do someone merely searching for a religious answer, where living in error is the cause of their pain.  

 Do you see where we are going with this? We are shifting from ‘the answer is somewhere out there’ to ‘the answer is what is right for me.’  The focus shifts from ‘I must be right to fit into a religious mold’, to ‘I am searching for what is right for me.’ In a very real sense, the answers you seek must fit you.  That will change the way you see possible choices for yourself.  If the searcher does not embrace their own uniqueness, their own differentness, their own special individuality, how are they going to find their answers that fit them?  You may find many right answers, but are they the right answer that fits you?   In everything you need, every question you have, that answer is like a pair of shoes; only the pair that is made for your feet will fit.  

That means that you need to know what size your feet are, before you even begin your search for shoes. The same emphasis you place supremely on your feet for a pair of shoes is the same emphasis you need to place on yourself and your sacredness when you seek any other answers in your life.  That makes you very important doesn’t it? In your world and in your search for answers, you come first, and in the end your answers must fit you.  In a very real sense not only must you fit the Christianity religion, but also Christianity religion must meet your needs and must fit you as well.The final point is you are supremely important, and you deserve the completeness of being different!  Your journey is to find what is the ‘You’ that makes you who you are? With that foothold in place, now we can start seeking not just answers, but your right answers.    

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