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Christianity Religion Explained; Religion's Proper Place

The Mistake Of Applying Christianity Religion In Overcoming Emotional Pain

If you have been struggling with emotional issues without success, and you have been seeking answers in religion, and perhaps specifically Christianity, there are several matters that need to be looked at in your situation.  You have been caught up in a multi stage and multi-dimensional lie and deception. Christianity religion is not emotional therapy. It is claimed by most mainstream false church Christians that the bible and Christ are all the exclusive source of wisdom and healing necessary for gaining a fulfilled and complete life.  It is further claimed by these Christians that anything outside of the bible and church are of the world and outside of and not of Christ.  The common prescription for those suffering from severe emotional need is to accept Christ as your savior for you sins and trust Him, giving all your burdens for Christ to carry, and over time they will all dissolve and go away gradually. The final assertion is that if you begin reading the bible, studying God’s word, the newly indwelling Holy Spirit will enlighten you and give you a new heart through your reading’s revelations. They finally assert that no other outside input is needed, other than the fellowship of other bible believing Christians. 

Christianity Religion Is Not About Church Organizations

On the face of it that sounds great, but it is a foundational platform not meant to build you up into becoming the successful, happy, joyous, carefree gift-bearing gift of God to the world that you are.  It is a foundation designed to conform you to the needs of a cult church for the church’s glory, not God’s!  Let us break down the first lie; All that you need is contained in God’s inerrant word the bible.  Generally, that is true, but only if the subject is immorality and moral living.  The problem is not all emotional need and spiritual starvation arises out of immoral and sinful living by the sufferer. Most victims of severe emotional need are leading very pure and proper lives and they are highly upright in character.  So how is Christian conformity going to help when they are already on the right track as far as moral purity is concerned?  It will not, because most sufferers are already doing that correctly.  That brings up an even bigger lie, which is the sovereign uniqueness of God’s word as being a complete source of all things for all people.

Biblical study is not necessarily emotionally healing therapy.  The truth is beyond moral living and the sovereignty of Jesus Christ as our Savior if we accept his free gift of salvation and learning about church history, almost nothing comes out of the bible that we need for overcoming the obstacles in our everyday lives. Doctors do not become doctors by studying exclusively what is in the 66 books on the bible. Lawyers do not become lawyers by studying its 39 books in the old testament, or anything in the 27 books in the new testament either. What about scientists, psychologists, mining engineers, military planners, nutritionists, surgeons, and medical researchers, biologists, civil engineers and planners, legislators, negotiators and politicians? What about emotional therapists?  The truth is almost nothing comes out of the bible that will help you to heal your severe emotional starvation from a depraved love starved childhood and early life.  Looking to Christianity as healing for emotional starvation is like looking to Christianity as food if you were starving, or medical care if you were very sick and dying.

Christianity Religion Explained; Therapy Is About Getting Love And Understanding From Others

We now see the claim of the bible being the exclusive source of all things is a lie.  With that seen, then where do we turn for the real source of healing for our severe emotional pain? To do that we will not look to the bible or to false Christians as we know them, we will look somewhere close to where the need is, and that is within ourselves. Remember when in Genesis 2:20, God brought all the animals to Adam for him to name; what do you think the significance of that act was? One possible application might be that God wanted Adam to see things through his own eyes, one of Adam’s seven spiritual attributes. In emotional and spiritual healing, if you can name it you can claim it, to name it and define it, you can claim victory over it. This is a universal absolute in emotional healing.  Talking about it, focusing on it and sharing it with loving compassionate others will bring healing to the sufferer.  That is the essence of nurturement, and what love is.  That is the building block of spiritual restoration and in its finality, coming home to our Authentic Self. Christianity Religion in the false church is about you listening to them. Therapy is your needing others willing to listen lovingly to you. To heal we need to share our deepest pains as we discover them with loving nurturing others who will understand and comfort us.  That choice and that action will begin the healing process. Always remember, Time and Attention are the currency of Love. Now the next step: How to find those loving others with whom we can share our deepest hurts. Many of us in deep emotional suffering do not have the loving others we need, so we can share our struggles in heart to heart talks. That is when we begin to use one of our spiritual attributes, trusting God and Life to bring them to us. When we trust God, we will be led to them.Our ministering angels will come to us. We will meet them in our near future.

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