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 Christianity Religion Is About Spiritual Healing

Christianity Religion Encourages Asking Questions

Christianity religion is not just about you finding God, just as importantly, it is equally about you finding you. To do that, it always involves questions. Welcome to Everything Spiritual.  Our purpose here is to help you find the answers to your questions.  Questions about obstacles, problems, injustices you have experienced, and maybe ‘why’ questions as well. They can be questions about God, Purpose, Life and almost always there will be serious questions about Yourself.  There will most likely be questions about your self worth, and your placement in life.  We assure you that you have much worth, and you also have a very important place in God's overall scheme of things.  Start thinking of yourself as a golden thread in an immense and magnificent tapestry God is weaving!

You see, we are all on a journey, a spiritual healing and spiritual growth journey.  Unlike in a physical journey, which involves a change in locations, in our spiritual journey, it involves a change in perspectives.  When our final perspectives are achieved, then we will be complete, and we will be at full peace.  At that point instead of others serving us to make us complete, as with a parent nurturing a child, the roles change.  It is then in our completed state, we will seek to nurture others, and serve them.  Serving others will then bring us great joy.  That is the ‘put others first’ state of servitude Jesus talked about in Christianity Religion.

Spiritual healing begins with seeking our authentic self

One word of caution; Unlike the incorrectly taught Christian directive of always putting others before ourselves, we must always come first in our world, until completeness is achieved.  That happens in the developing stage in our lives.  After we become complete, we can then begin giving of ourselves in servitude to needful others.  Selfishness must come first, which is as it should be, and put aside later when no longer needed for our spiritual growth.  Our task is not just to find the right path for us; it is to know, understand, and love our deepest inner self.  It is that inner self that knows the way home, as it has always known it, from the dawn of its creation.  As John Bradshaw has said, ‘What we are searching for, is The One Who Is Looking.’ When it is all said and done there will never be another you; so seek to be the fullest 'you' that you can be.  Moreover,leave your contribution behind when you leave, for others to enjoy.

Let your and your loved one’s final spiritual healing begin!

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